basc_py4chan – 4chan Python Library

basc_py4chan gives access to 4chan from a clean Python interface.

Basic Usage

4chan Python Library.

BASC-py4chan is a Python library that gives access to the 4chan API and an object-oriented way to browse and get board and thread information quickly and easily.


basc_py4chan.get_boards(board_name_list, *args, **kwargs)[source]

Given a list of boards, return basc_py4chan.Board objects.

Parameters:board_name_list (list) – List of board names to get, eg: [‘b’, ‘tg’]
Returns:Requested boards.
Return type:dict of basc_py4chan.Board
basc_py4chan.get_all_boards(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Returns every board on 4chan.

Returns:All boards.
Return type:dict of basc_py4chan.Board