4chan Python Library

BASC-py4chan is a Python library that gives access to the 4chan API and an object-oriented way to browse and get board and thread information quickly and easily.

Originally written by Edgeworth, the library has been adopted and extended by Bibliotheca Anonoma.


If you have an old application written to use the original py4chan, Bibliotheca Anonoma also maintains a py-4chan fork on legacy support, only to be updated for URL changes without any new features. This fork is also linked to the original PyPi package, and updating py-4chan using pip will give you the latest version of this fork.

However, we recommend that all users switch to the new BASC-py4chan. This module is more Pythonic, has better support, documentation, and will be gaining new features.

The BASC-py4chan repository is located on Github, where pull requests and issues can be submitted.

Getting Help
If you want help, or you have some trouble using this library, our primary IRC channel is #bibanon on irc.rizon.net. Simply head in there and talk to dan or antonizoon. Otherwise, you can put a issue on our Github Issue Tracker and we’ll respond as soon as we can!